Hockey Betting

Overview of Hockey Betting

We bet you didn't realize that hockey sport is the 4th prominent sport in the world. Before its world popularity, it was largely dominant in regions like North America and Europe. Today, millions of Americans love watching hockey sports. This is why betting sites leverage the fan base by adding hockey betting options on their web pages.

If you love hockey and gamble a lot, try placing bets at GGBET. The sports bookmaker gives the most extensive markets for hockey bets. Discover all the profitable features GGBET has in store for its users.

Types of Hockey Bets

GGBET provides a wide range of options on which hockey fans can bet. These bets are displayed with hockey odds. Relying on the difficulty involved in predicting the bet, the odds vary. Here are the popular hockey bets;

  • Moneyline Bets: These refer to bets on the winner of a hockey game. This form of hockey bet is available in every kind of sport with little variations. Moneyline bets involve selecting the team that beats its opponent. It doesn't regard the manner in which the team wins as long as it is according to hockey guidelines. High odds are allocated to weak teams. Strong teams get low odds from the sports bookmaker.
  • Puck Line Bets: Hockey betting offers no spreads or handicap games. It offers a similar form of spreads known as puck line bets. The favourite team suffers a 1.5 deduction from their total points, and the weak team gets an addition of 1.5 to their scores. For the favourite to win the game, they have to win the match a minimum of 3 points ahead of the opposing team. For better understanding, you need an example. Team A is going against a weaker team, Team B. A puck line bet of -1.5 implies that Team B is already ahead of the other team by 1.5 without having to score a goal.
  • Alternative Puck Lines: This hockey betting option is not in the arsenal of every sports betting site. It is exactly like the puck line bets. This alternative differs in the number of points deducted from the favourite team. If you still don't understand, here is an instance. The Bruins are going against the Maple Leafs. The Bruins, since they are stronger, will get a preset deduction of -2 and above. This makes favourite teams hard to bet on in this bet type.
  • Totals Bets: This refers to the over/under bets. It is simple to understand. You bet on whether the summed points of both teams will be above or below a specific number. For a match between two underdog teams, betting under could pay. However, in a match between two top teams, it's also advisable to bet on under odds. Betting over is best when an underdog team is going against a strong team.
  • Period Bets: Why bet on the entire game when you can bet on a specific period of the match? Hockey has three separate game periods, and hockey betting leverages these periods. You can place bets on possibilities that will occur during that period. To illustrate, imagine during the second period of a game between Boston and Maple Leaf. You can bet on Maple Leaf to lead the game in that period. It is not necessary that the team wins the match. You win when the Maple Leaf leads the game that period. Therefore, it is best to place this bet during a live match.
  • Futures Bets: Why predict a single game when you can predict the winner of a hockey league? This bet is simply about that. Try to predict the hockey team with the best players and strategies to win the league. The odds of these bets are highly rewarding. These bets are only available till a few weeks or days before the league begins.
  • Proposition Bets: This hockey betting choice has no immediate influence on the game's result. The bet is extremely unpredictable in hockey. This difficulty shows in the high odds this bet type offers. Some of these bets include:
    • First scoring team.
    • The player that hits the first goal.
    • Total shots in the game.
    • The Grand Salami.
    • Correct scores of teams.

Major Hockey Leagues and Events

Featuring every hockey game seems impossible to a casino. Rest assured, GGBET and other top betting sites offer Hockey odds on popular hockey leagues. Here is a list of hockey leagues:

  • National Hockey League: This is the most respected hockey tournament. It holds the highest championship in the game - the Stanley Cup. 32 teams participate yearly in this league and place their focus on winning the Stanley Cup.
  • Kontinental Hockey League: This hockey betting series ranks high among hockey leagues. The game is majorly for clubs in the Asian and European continents. The game is a competition between 23 clubs. These teams are further divided into divisions and they have to play against non-division members.
  • Liiga: This is also known as the Finnish Elite League. It is considered an amateur hockey league and is dominant in Finland. The number of teams that participate in the Liiga League is 18.

Hockey Betting Odds

Hockey odds are styled in different formats depending on the sports bookmaker. The game is popular in the American region and is styled in the American odds formats, but other regions use other odds forms. These odds forms include:

  • American Odds: Since hockey is majorly played and gambled on in America, this style of odds is prominent in hockey betting. American odds are in the form of negative and positive figures. You need to work with a baseline of $100 to get the potential payout. The figure is the required bet for negative figures to win $100. The positive figures are the amount to be won for placing $100 as your wager.
  • Decimal odds: It is simply decimal numbers that appear easy to understand. Odds higher than 1.9 are considered high-risk bets. Decimal odds can help determine potential payout by multiplying the odds and the wagered amount together. GGBET uses this style of odds.
  • Fractional Odds: Figuring out how the fractional odds may seem tricky at first sight. It is very easy. Look at the first number before the slash symbol. That is the profit. The number following the slash symbol is the initial staking. For example, 3/1 implies $3 as the gain for every $1 bet.

Live Betting on Hockey

Tired of the boring pregame bets with low or no-risk hockey odds? Enjoy the intense anxiety from betting on live games. Simply watch a match and place a bet as it is in play. You feel you are cheating the system, right? Let's look at the reasons why live bets are the bet:

  • You can easily recover losses as the chances of winning a live bet are high.
  • You gain access to loads of prop bets.
  • Hockey betting becomes more thrilling when you bet live.
  • In-play bets are best for leveraging high odds as the game gets intense.

Hockey Betting Promotions and Bonuses on GGBET

Rather than bet on Hockey odds with just your money, bet more with the bonuses GGBET has to offer. These are the available bonuses for hockey bets at GGBET.

  • Welcome Bonus: New gamblers have access to this bet type. This bonus serves as leverage for new bettors to experience betting at its fullest. These bonuses can also be used on other sports bets.
  • Deposit Bonus: At GGBET, you have rewards as you put cash into your account. Deposit bonuses credit a percentage of your stake as extra betting funds to your account.

How to Place a Hockey Bet on GGBET

Do you know how to place hockey bets? No? We have you in mind as we present the procedures for betting on Hockey odds at GGBET:

  • First, go to your web browser and navigate to the GGBET website.
  • Open an account at GGBET.
  • Deposit some cash into the account.
  • Click the sports segment and tap on hockey.
  • A list of hockey games will be displayed. Do your research and choose a bet.
  • Input the amount of cash you are gambling on the selected possibility.
  • Confirm the bet.

Hockey Betting Tips and Strategies

Fully maximizing hockey odds is only accessible when you apply some betting strategies. Some of these tactics include:

  • Learn risk management. Never bet what you can't afford to lose.
  • Know how hockey works.
  • Bet on live hockey matches.
  • Conduct an intense analysis of the teams in the match.

Customer Support for Hockey Betting

GGBET's hockey betting enthusiasts can access any of the available client support systems. These include the telephone call, the email and the live chat options. Bettors can use any of these customer supports to resolve issues that may come up while gambling. These channels offer a swift and responsive solution to any hockey bet issue. GGBET has many features which hockey gamblers can enjoy. Open an account at GGBET to get started.